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Email Marketing Automation Strategy

Thankyou is a Social Enterprise and a distinctive household brand name in Australia.

Their bottled water, personal care and baby products are found in leading supermarkets across the country. When Thankyou wanted to launch an Ecommerce store, they sought advice from Email Experts because we have extensive experience working with various Ecommerce brands.

Thankyou has a substantial audience, with subscribers in a number of categories ranging from socially conscious consumers, to volunteer brand ambassadors, to customers across different product ranges. Each group has unique expectations around the types of communication they receive from Thankyou.

What we did

Ecommerce Consulting
List growth strategy
Template Design
Customer Journey Design
Customer Behaviour Modelling
Customer Segmentation
Migration to Klaviyo Email Marketing Platform
Integration with Shopify Ecommerce Platform
Email Deliverability Improvement
Sender Reputation Protection

How we went

Email Experts worked with Thankyou to prepare for the launch of their Ecommerce Website by developing an Email Marketing Campaign strategy that targeted each of their subscriber categories.

Email Experts also helped Thankyou integrate their Shopify Ecommerce Platform with a new Email Marketing platform, Klaviyo. The migration from MailChimp to Klaviyo needed to be seamless because Thankyou wanted their marketing team to understand the characteristics and size of their existing customer groups and engage them with relevant messages.

As one of Australia’s most trusted brands, Thankyou wanted to ensure they were also trusted in email inboxes. Email Experts understands that good email deliverability and sender reputation is core to email marketing best practice and building trust. Email Experts not only helped Thankyou be compliant with deliverability standards and spam regulations, we also advised on creating engaging marketing content that consistently works.

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