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Email Marketing Migration & Automation

Erstwilder is a Melbourne based designer and producer of quirky, collectible, limited run brooches, necklaces, earrings and scarves.

They sell their products through stockists, as well as direct to consumers online.

What we did

Ecommerce Consulting
List growth strategy
Template Design
Customer Journey Design
Customer Milestones
Migration to Klaviyo Email Marketing Platform
Integration with Shopify

How we went

Erstwilder has a cult following of loyal fans who are committed and dedicated customers and repeat buyers.
Erstwilder needed their email marketing platform to provide insights on how to best engage with this highly active subscriber base but their existing email platform limited what they could achieve. Email Experts advised Erstwilder on which email platform would better meet their marketing needs. We then assisted Erstwilder in their migration from Bronto to Klaviyo and implemented an email marketing solution that allows their marketing team to understand and engage customers at different stages of their journey with the brand. By mapping an email engagement journey that helped Erstwilder better understand their customers’ purchasing behaviour, Email Experts was able to help Erstwilder convert single purchase customers to lifelong fans (customers who buy more than 15 times).

Email Experts used a combination of  manual campaign emails and automated emails mapped to key points in the customer journey in the strategy. For the automation, we included emails to nurture customers, recover abandoned carts, engage customers after their purchase, convert them to lifetime collectors and re-engage dormant customers. For the manual campaigns, we focus on new collection releases and major calendar events. Together, these enable Erstwilder to foster deep engagement with customers in a timely and relevant manner.

Email Experts also provides Erstwilder ongoing support in customer analytics, reporting and email marketing strategy. We provide data insights that allow us to identify new opportunities and new ways to engage customers at Erstwilder. This allows Erstwilder to better understand their customers over time, get a real-time pulse on how their current email program is performing, identify opportunities in customer segments, and act on them promptly.

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