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May 27, 2020

Long and Successful Partnerships

By Shaun Ernst and Carmen Yan

Erstwilder is a fun and quirky brand of brooch lovers. We love working with founders, Marc and Adam, and their team because we are a little quirky too! After all, not many people get as excited about data and spreadsheets as much as we do. We are outcomes focused and driven by positive results.

Why is email so important? Email connects you directly with other people and allows you to start developing meaningful relationships. Email Marketing is the same. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with our clients and partners and we are proud to have also helped our clients build long and successful relationships with their customers.

Erstwilder is one of Email Experts’ long-term retainer clients. We have developed a productive and effective relationship over the last 2 years. In that time Erstwilder has grown:

At Email Experts, we never take on a client that we cannot get excellent results for. Ensuring our new clients receive a substantial return on their investment is always our top priority. It’s also the perfect start to a great long-term relationship.

Throughout the COVID-19 health crisis, the retail sector has taken a huge hit for businesses who operate brick and mortar stores or supplies to these stores as most businesses had to close. Erstwilder’s stockists were among those affected. To help support those who have always supported their business, Erstwilder committed to passing on 10 percent of their online sales to customers’ nominated stockists during the closure. Earlier this year, Erstwilder also donated over $40,000 to WIRES Wildlife Rescue to help rehabilitate animals affected by the Australian bushfires. Erstwilder has now donated over $108,000 to important community causes, and their commitment to building community has meant that their customers, followers and subscribers have now become part of their ‘tribe’. These relationships are much more meaningful beyond making the next sale. It is inspiring to work with the Erstwilder team, to support them in continuing to do good, and to help them grow and expand their business.

We chose Email Experts because their knowledge of platforms and focus on results was really impressive. The best things about this agency are their leadership, responsiveness and data-driven approach

Marc, Founder at Erstwilder

COVID-19 has created many challenges for all of us. The uncertainty around customer behaviour has been especially daunting and stressful for ecommerce business owners. As our clients and partners navigate through these new circumstances, we are proud to share our data analysis and insights and use our expertise to help them make better informed decisions about their online store. By continuing to improve and enhance our clients’ Email Marketing channel, we help them continue to grow their online sales and secure their revenue stream through this channel. As an example, Erstwilder’s sales revenue from email has increased 142% compared with 12 months ago despite the COVID-19 pandemic. This growth is essential to help Erstwilder secure their business for the future, to ride through the loss of revenue from retail stores, and to support their staff through the upcoming recession.

It is in the difficult times that strong relationships matter the most. By investing in building a relationship of trust through your communications and dealings with your customers, you build a network of supporters. You can see that our strategies work by monitoring your customers’ feedback and behavioural data. Your email channel is not just a sales tool, it helps you provide a great customer experience and helps you develop long and successful relationships with your customers.  Email Experts is committed to helping brands grow by nurturing these relationships.

Written by Carmen Yan and Shaun Ernst